Madcap Podcast #002 - IllBaz


Baz Raghib aka IllBaz is a unique multi-genre DJ with appraisals from the likes of local legends Che Fu, P-Money & DJ Sir-Vere for his work behind the wheels of steel, keeping the craft alive and well in Auckland City. We catch up with Baz ahead of his performance at the Madcap Madness Festival and find out a bit more.

What's inspired you into this career?
Genuine love for music and the art of DJn, initially it was just a hobby of mine, which slowly turned in to being a full time career.

What's been one memorable memory in your journey?
DJn for Montell Jordan in 2016 at Vector Arena is one that comes to mind, chilling with TLC backstage before we got on stage – That’s one I’ll remember for a while!

What do you dislike about your journey? 
Shitty sound systems with no booth monitor!

What's your favourite go-to place to eat in Auckland?
Thai Cuisine In Mt Albert – that’s the joint. 

See IllBaz perform at the Madcap Madness Festival. Tickets available through Undertheradar.

Check out this exclusive guest mix that IllBaz has lined up for you: