Name UL - Tape 1

name ul.jpg

Name UL presents his brand new 14 track Mixtape called 'Tape 1'. The debut mixtape from the London Based Kiwi Rapper is a collection of tracks made in his time since moving to London in the past year.

UL uses a multitude of influences from his past which gives a unique feel to this project reminiscent of a young Mac Miller and Tyler the Creator. Collaborating with friends and fellow Wellingtonians HEIST & DENZ1, this mixtape packs a lot of different tones, subjects and styles.

Touching on his relationship to the industry, fame and moving distant from what you know, UL has used this tape to further explore themes present in his album Choice(s) (2016) about the youth drug and alcohol culture, especially how that care free lifestyle can translate into young adulthood.

With a sold out London show after the release of Tape 1, UL is certainly heading towards a bright future with his music and promises even more music from the vault this year.'

‘Tape 1’ is available on all platforms.