We all need a time of 'Renewal' - new E.P from D.Matthews out now


D.Matthews has dropped his new E.P today titled, ‘Renewal’

As human beings we need to feel every bit & piece in realising the need to be renewed in all seasons.

Everyone needs to be renewed/freshened up in all spheres of life. It could be with a song, new seasons, taking gratitude of what you have or just counting your blessings at the same time with the renewal stage you've come across.

The inspiration towards this E.P was that we all need a time of renewal in our lives. Whether we just got out of a relationship trying to figure out the next step or a space in our spiritual life where we can get creative again.

“I look all around me and see the significance of what the word, renewal brings in our lives. It’s what everyone needs. To feel alive & steady to take over something great.’

D.Matthews is currently working on something phenomenal for October as well working towards a music video for the song, Blow Out’ which will be released later this year.

Have a listen to Renewal here: