Virtual reality video takes you into the playful world of Imugi 이무기


Imugi 이무기 is out with a fun video to complement their single ‘Be Here Soon’. Singer and songwriter, Yery Cho, says  ‘Be Here Soon’ is about "falling into misconceptions. Waiting around endlessly for promises made by your own expectations. It's easier to dissociate than face the fact that no one really needs anyone but themselves. It's an ode to leaving behind disappointing relationships and moving onto embrace the many forms of self-care that self-love can bring.”

The video-animated by Nic Little, is a 3D VR reimagining-a trip into Imugi이무기’s world. The colours and playful vibes bounce with the beat of the song, to provide the experience of a trip into cyberspace.

‘Be Here Soon’ is available on all platforms