More about L'amour


Born and raised in West Auckland, Louise Wright a.k.a L’amour, has always had an infatuation with music. From keyboard and singing lessons in school to drum and bass gigs all over the world, her love for music began to grow as she travelled to the other side of the world.

It was in London where she found herself musically, met some amazing DJ’s and producers, collaborated with friends and became fully immersed in the drum and bass scene. Whilst overseas she also realised that radio was the place where she could share all the music and artist’s she had learned about and seen live.

After spending two years in London, she completed an intensive radio course at the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney, then came back home to Auckland and started interning at Base FM.

L’amour has been in the music scene for some time now and always brings a good vibe for her live sets. She has a fortnightly show on Base FM ‘More with L’amour’ every second Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.

Catch L’amour at Madcap Rewind #011 on May 18th at Cassette Nine, Auckland.

Quick Q&A with L’amour:

What was the most favourite set you’ve ever done?

Probably the last gig I played which was The Upbeats at Neck of The Woods on 26 April. The crowd was absolutely buzzing from midway through my set to the end when The Upbeats came on. They gave me cheers throughout and a massive clap when I finished, I walked off stage absolutely buzzing with everyone else’s energy and positive vibes

Who’s your favourite artist at the moment (or top few if you cant pick one)?

My favourite artists that I always listen to for good vibes are Spectrasoul, KLLO, DRS and LSB.

What are some things you do to that help you de-stress?

Going for a walk and listening to music, spending time with family and friends, or cleaning helps me de-stress.