Ivy Red opens up the darkest parts of his mind in the latest single


IVY RED follows the success of his much loved video ‘IVY’S LULLABY’ with a new single ‘love hurts when you hold on too tight’, a collaboration with Auckland producer nekolai.

‘love hurts when you hold on too tight’ is IVY RED’s realisation that when your mind is too deep in your problems you don’t see things for what they really are.

“When I came to write this song I felt overwhelmed with all the problems around me, as I started writing I slowly let them go and felt them all dissipate.” IVY RED says. “I realised I was too caught up in everything that was bad that I thought that’s all that was there, writing took me away from that”.

While IVY’s signature dark demeanor persists, nekolai’s pop leaning trap production finds a place for IVY RED to deflect his demons with a sense of optimism.

Guiding his listeners with a melancholic, gravely vocal, IVY RED opens up the darkest parts of his mind inviting his audience to take a step inside IVY’S WORLD. After spending months creating new material IVY RED is ready to make his mark on the world with music that will leave listeners craving for more.