Tei pays homage to the Princess of Pop with her latest single 'Britany'


In a grey and confusing time for fans of Britney Spears, Tei joins the #FreeBritney movement in an effort to pay homage in her latest single ‘Britney’.

Exhausted by the lack of compassion that the media has given to Britney over the past decade through negative and ‘humorous’ coverage of her mental health conditions, Tei believes it’s time to acknowledge the beauty, talent, and influence Britney Spears has had on this generation.

The track speaks of Tei’s own experiences while it can also be heard as a metaphor for Britney's tiresome relationship with her career. Britney is ushering in Tei’s extroverted side which comes complimentary to her much known deep and vulnerable songwriting. Silky and sultry, this Pop-R&B single depicts the story of going back to a toxic relationship with unrealistic optimism.

“The song came from a place of being annoyed at me for allowing myself to continue going back to an unhealthy situationship.” Tei says. With an extremely infectious melody, this track pays homage to Britney Spears using a reference that every 90’s baby can get excited about.

This is Tei’s first single since the release of critically acclaimed bedroom produced projects, OMW (Spinoff), and The Alone One (UnderThe Radar), both of which have become local classics.

Tei is an alternative R&B singer-songwriter and producer with a vivacious persona that guides you through her darker emotional inner world. Having made a name for herself within Auckland, she is quickly becoming loved by many local fans. Tei has performed at sold-out shows alongside Hans., Jess B, and Meer and with captivating performances at The Others Way Festival, 95bFM’s Breakfast Club among many others.

‘Britney’ is out on all streaming platforms.